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Top 10 assists of 2013/14


Scoring a goal is the ultimate aim, but on the occasion a brilliant assist can outshine the actual goal scored. Here are 10 of the best assists from last season.


Ibrahimovic vs Bastia

Zlatan shows incredible ability here, backheel flicking the ball over the back 4 and Lavezzi cooly slots the ball into the corner.


Lukas Raeder

Manuel Nueur’s step in keeper assisted Mandzukic brilliantly here. A fantastic first time long ball that sent the Croatian away who slotted it home with ease.


Gerrard vs Fulham

This was a superb pass from Gerrard. Splitting the defence with the outside of his boot and the ball fell perfectly to the foot of Daniel Sturridge who had the easy task of a 1 on 1 finish.


Iniesta vs Atletico

Coming at 4:10 in the video, Iniesta shows fantastic vision and composure by sweeping the ball with the outside of his boot, weighing it to perfection for Neymar to bury it into the corner.


Sturridge vs Cardiff

This came when Liverpool were playing some of their best football of the season. A 6-3 win away at Cardiff was in the middle of their 10 game winning streak and Suarez second goal was assisted expertly by Daniel Sturridge.


Ramos vs Schalke

Theirry Henry was the master of the no look pass, it can completely bamboozle defenders as they don’t know where the ball is going to end up. Ramos is a centre back with plenty of flair and this no look through ball was something special.


Negredo vs Fulham

An extraordinary game in the Premier League that saw Fulham come back from 2-0 down to 2-2 only to lose 4-2. The game was capped off by a superb outside of the foot cross from Negredo that fell directly into the path of James Milner, who couldn’t miss.


Reus vs Malaga

More briliant footwork from Reus as he flicked the ball, which had very little pace on it, into the path of Lewandowski who stayed composed to finish.


Draxler vs Al Sadd

Although this was a pre season friendly it was worthy of making the list as it is mindblowingly good. Draxler brings the ball down, beats 2 defenders before flicking the ball past the onrushing keeper into the path of Raul who slots home.


Di Maria vs Copenhagen

He looks set to leave Real Madrid, but with assists like this, I can’t see why they would want to sell him. A rabona is a very difficult skill to execute but Di Maria manages to do it on the run and land the ball perfectly onto Ronaldo’s head. Number 1 no question.

Barney Whitehall

Barney is an avid football fan, tired of searching the internet for original football related content. When he’s not writing top 10 lists you can find him on Twitter.

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