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Lampards top 10 goals for Chelsea


In the wake of Frank Lampard leaving Chelsea after 13 years, here is a run down of his 10 best goals.


Lampard vs Ipswich

A brilliant free kick from miles out, Lampard became a consistant long distance free kick taker and this is one of a few in the list.


Lampard vs Watford

This video comes from the shed end, its a vintage Lampard goal picking the ball up on the edge of the area and pinging it into the top corner. Super Frank at his best.


Lampard vs Everton (FA Cup)

Coming in the FA Cup Semi Final, this was a huge goal for Chelsea and expertly taken. He shrugs off the defender before smashing the ball with his weaker foot into the corner.


Lampard vs Lazio

First of a few in the Champions League, Frank shows brilliant technique and skill to guide this volley first time into the corner of the net.


Lampard vs Tottenham

Another FA cup semi final another stunning Lampard goal. Its another wonderful long range free kick which took a very slight knick before dipping into the corner.


Lampard vs Stoke

This is a more bizarre goal, as Frank manages to back heel flick the ball from the incoming cross into the opposite corner, leaving the keeper helpless.


Lampard vs Everton

The camera angle shows just how incredible this goal is as the ball moves all over the place before nestling into the top corner.


Lampard vs Hull

This goal shows a completely different side to Lampard. Most of his best goals are brutal, powerful drives but here he shows delicate feet to chip the ball into the opposite corner with his left foot.


Lampard vs Bayern

Superb skill and awareness in this goal, he picks the ball up on his chest before swiveling and first time shooting on the half volley into the corner. He beat the great Oliver Kahn in between the sticks for this goal.


Lampard vs Barcelona

Lampards best goal comes at the stadium where Chelsea fans have fond memories of Fernando Torres equaliser. How Lampard manages to get it in from such a tight angle is beyond me!

Barney Whitehall

Barney is an avid football fan, tired of searching the internet for original football related content. When he’s not writing top 10 lists you can find him on Twitter.


  1. I cant believe you found 10 goals that weren’t scuffy deflections

  2. He wouldn’t have scored number 10 if we had Gerkin in goal

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